Scintillation panels

The MuTe hodoscope is composed of two sensible panels. Every panel has 30 vertical and 30 horizontal scintillator strips (120 cm x 4 cm x 1 cm), shaping a 900-pixel matrix. A wavelength shifter optical fiber is installed along the scintillator strip. A Silicon Photomultiplier (Hamamatsu S13360-1350CS) is mechanically coupled at one fiber end. The scintillator ends are covered by aluminum tape (3M Polyester Tape-850) to avoid photon loss.

Electronics frontend

Every SiPM has a dedicated preamplifier stage to preserve the signal-to-noise ratio during transmission towards the acquisition system (MAROC3). Every readout channel has a 50-ohm coupling impedance with a coaxial transmission cable (RG178U).

Data acquisition system

The hodoscope acquisition system is based on the MAROC3A development board from Omega, which was developed for particle detector readouts. The development board has an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) MAROC3A within stages of amplification, shaping, and discrimination. A Cyclone III FPGA manages the acquisition slow control parameters.

Electronics assembly

The electronics assembly is shown in the figure. This is composed of the MAROC3A development board, a Raspberry Pi, a trigger system, the SiPM bias, and the general power system.