Project team

The MuTe project is organized into a coordinating team and three specific work teams. The leaders of these four groups make up the Board of Directors in charge of making strategic decisions for proper development, as well as carrying out the tasks for the implementation of the project.

Grupo G1: Coordinación y seguimiento

Responsible for coordinating the general progress of the project; manages its administrative development; plans and executes purchases, coordinates group meetings and project management; maintains and disseminates its report through electronic means and makes it accessible to any evaluating body. It is formed by:

  • José David Sanabria (IP del proyecto)
  • Amanda Balaguera (Gerente de Proyectos)
  • Luis A. Núñez (Coordinador)

Its advisory committee is specialist by specialist: Liliana Arana Salinas (National Autonomous University of Mexico-Mexico); Hernán Asorey (Bariloche Atomic Center -Argentina) and John Macario Londoño Bonilla (Colombian Geological Survey-Colombia).

Grupo G2: Instrumentación de detectores 

This work team is initially in charge of the design, installation and commissioning of the muon telescope. Subsequently, you must supervise the installation and correct operation of the detector in the field. The members are:

  • Jesús Peña (Coordinador)
  • Mauricio Suárez-Durán (Sub-coordinador)
  • Jhonattan Pisco (Diseño mecánico)
  • Juan Carlos Sánchez Villafrades (Electrónica – SiPM)
  • José Luis Salamanca (Electrónica – miniMuTe)
  • Karen Forero (Electrónica – miniMuTe)

Grupo G3: Física y análisis de datos

This work team is in charge of carrying out the simulations for characterizing the response of the instrument, as well as determining the best location to install the telescope, in the vicinity of the Machín and Galeras volcanic complexes. It is also responsible for performing data analysis to identify physical phenomena in the data obtained from muon flux measurements. The members are:

  • Luis A. Núñez (Coordinador)
  • David Sierra-Porta (Sub-coordinador)
  • Adriana Vásquez-Ramírez (Simulaciones y Análisis de datos)
  • Mauricio Suárez-Durán (Simulaciones y Análisis de datos)
  • Rolando Calderón-Ardila (Simulaciones y Análisis de datos)
  • Alejandra Vesga-Ramírez (Simulaciones y Análisis de datos)
  • David Sierra-Porta (Simulaciones)
  • Christian Sarmiento-Cano (Simulaciones)
  • Martha Valencia (Simulaciones)

Grupo G4: Publicaciones y diseminación de resultados

The purpose of this team is to organize and publish the results of each of the stages of the project. Those in charge of this task are Luis A. Núñez and Hernán Asorey.

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